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Margaret Nicoll
born 1849 - died 26 Aug 1914 Dundee

1869 Nov 25   Margaret married John Phillips at St. Paul's Episcopalian Church, Dundee.  

Children :  
1870 June 12 Stewart Hay Phillips b.Dundee (webmaster's grandfather) 

1876 Mary, b. Stirling
1880 James, b.Stirling 
1881 Helen, b.Stirling
Other chldren died in Stirling, see 1914 below.
1884 Agnes, b.Dundee
1886 Catherine, b.Dundee
1888 Feb 22 Robert Grant Phillips, b.Dundee.  In 1908 he emigrated to Morence, Arizona, U.S.A.  
In a U.S. military 'draft' document of May 5 1917 he is described as a butcher, with wife and two children.
1978 Aug 27 Robert died at Long Beach, Los Angeles, Orange, U.S.A.

1914 August 26, Margaret died and was interred in her husband's grave at the Eastern Necropolis Arbroath Road, Dundee. Others mentioned on the memorial were interred at Stirling, Margaret 1878, 4 months; Jane Johnston 5yr;   John 3yr; Thomas 5 months.

Robert's watch

Stewart's keepsake from Robert

In 1947 Robert visited his brother Stewart in
Manchester and gave him his 'old' gold watch as a keepsake.
It was made in 1894 and probably bought by Robert
upon his arrival in the U.S.A.

1947Dundee   1947Dundee

Reunion in Dunfermline during Bob's visit from America

The photo on the right includes Stewart and his daughter Dora Royle.
It is assumed that his sisters are Catherine, Agnes, Helen and Mary.


Received in Liverpool by her son Stewart following the  birth of his daughter, Dora.
An expression of motherly affection.
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