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Stewart Hay Phillips
12 June 1870 - 27 December 1948
Geoff's grandfather

1870 June 12, at 4h.45m p.m. born at 19 Wellington Street, Dundee, Scotland. On the record his father John is shown as an ironmonger.

1871 census, he is baby at the home of his maternal grandparents.

1880  Aged 9 years, he was a pupil at Stirling High School.
Source: A small hardback book awarded as a First prize in arithmetic.
It was dedicated by officials C.J.Seggie and R.Yellowlees.

1899-1901 was the era of Sir Thomas Lipton's J-class, Britannia yachts, Shamrocks I & II.  Stewart 'crewed' for Lipton on the Shamrock boats. As Lipton opened his new shops on the south coast of England, Stewart acted as a 'pilot' manager.
Reference only : Queen Victoria referred to Lipton as her grandson's grocer friend. The grandson here referred to was otherwise known a Kaiser Bill.

Group Photo inc. Edison and Lipton

Group inc. Thomas Edison (centre-left) & Thomas Lipton
( That looks like Stewart standing behind Edison :)

The webmaster recalls that in the 1940s Stewart still had a peaked cap, badged with a sailing club pennant.

1900 aged 30, married Edith Eve at Shoreditch.

1901 census, living in lodgings with Edith at Longfleet, Dorset.

1901 May It is clear that he visited Dundee.  He is named on as 'informant' on his father's Death Certificate.
Did Stewart and Edith remain in Scotland between May and November ?

1901 Nov 23 Stewart and Edith had a son Frederick Stewart Hay Phillips his page was born at 60 Main Street, Dundee (Longforgan Coaching Inn ?).
Frederick's children were Gordon (1929), and David (1932)

1903 Apr 26 Stewart and Edith had a son John (Jack) Hay Phillips, born in Hull, who for most of his life was a telephone engineer in Liverpool.  His granddaughter J.P. of Los Angeles has told me (email: 1 Dec 2018) that " - - he worked a great deal at Bletchley (Park) during the war (WW2) in the secret division of telecommunications.  Super interesting !"
(Webmaster's observation : Bletchley Park had 'cover' names such as B.P. / London Signals Intelligence Centre / HMS Pembroke V / RAF Eastcote  - - - and the postal address was "Room 47, Foreign Office". I mention the latter as Jack's elder brother Frederick was (1951) an Executive Officer, War Office; London. So, I wonder whether these brothers ever met during the war ?)  
(Webmaster's small-world trivia : 1958, my R.A.F. enlistment papers directed me to travel by rail to RAF Cardington via Bletchley.)
(Webmaster's small-world trivia : 1851 Census, Geoff's ancestor, engine-driver William Brown was lodging at Wolverton near Bletchley.)
  • Child of the above Jack / Peter John Phillips b.1932 (mother Phyllis Snelgrove). 
  • Other children of the above Jack / Leslie Stewart Phillips b.1947; Simon K Phillips b.1958; Andrew Colin Phillips b.1959 (mother Sylvia Eileen Hollis)
1905 Mar 10 Stewart's son Eric Robert Phillips was born in Hull.
Eric had a son Ian Eric Phillips b.1943 (mother Mary Knox Tait)

1911 census (and other records) show that some time after 1905 Stewart and Edith parted company.

1911 Aug 15 aged 41, Stewart's daughter Dora was born to Rosa Hellings SRN (midwife) at 4 Hallville Road, Seacombe, Birkenhead, Cheshire.

1919 Stewart, Rosa and Dora moved to the Manchester area via Liverpool.  They lived at 64 Mawson Street, Chorlton-on-Medlock. He worked as a representative for a firm of wine-merchants (Squires), eventually moving in 1936 to Whalley Range as manager of a beer, wines and spirits shop for Hydes Brewery of Moss-Side. The webmaster has happy memories of those premises. The place was set-up for life in a bygone era. There was ample space for servants. All living rooms had bell-crank handles beside the fireplaces to enable service calls for coal etc. The signal box which indicated the source of a call was on the ground floor between the main stair-case and the cellar-steps. However, all-in-all my grandparents and their shop-customers rattled around in all that space and I suppose that during my times there, including WWII, business would be very slow.

1939-1945 WWII (timeline)

1948 Dec 27, Stewart died aged 78.  Cremated, Southern Cemetery, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester.  He left no will, and the Probate system passed his estate to his lawful wife Edith from whom he had been estranged for about 40 years.

Hydes off-licence 18 Greame St, Moss-Side, Manchester
c.1947--photographed by the webmaster

Portrait in garden wearing suit with waistcoat

Stewart in Dundee, 1947
( or Dunfermline, Fife )

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