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John Hay Phillips
1847 - 1901
Ironmonger; Whisky-broker; Innkeeper

1847   Born Dundee.

1869   John married Margaret Nicoll at St. Paul's Episcopalian Church, Dundee.  The bishop of Brechin Alexander Penrose Forbes officiated at the wedding.  Earlier, in 1857 Forbes was actually prosecuted by the church for heresy - - - the link above goes to Wikipedia and an explanation.

1870   Birth of son Stewart Hay Phillips at 19 Wellington Street, Dundee.  The younger children are listed on Margaret's page.

1881  census:  18 Wallace Street, Stirling.  Occupation, Ironmongers' clerk.  It is known that in this year his son Stewart attended Stirling High School.  (source: a little book of short stories received for his performance in arithmetic)

1891  census:  147 Ann Street, Dundee.  Occupation, Spirit merchant.

1901  census:  'Craigie Bank' (private house, extant), Strathmartine Road, Downfield, Dundee;  occupation, Publican.

1901 May 24  About 7 weeks after the census, John died at the above address (Craigie Bank).  Interred at the Eastern Necropolis Dundee. His wife Margaret was buried in the same grave in 1914.

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