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National  Service  Aug. 1958 to Aug. 1960

Comprising : 12 August / Induction at R.A.F. Cardington.
then 'Square Bashing' at R.A.F. Bridgenorth.

Then, from September 1958 until May 1959 I was a student at
the No.1 Radio School, R.A.F. Locking

Gate and sentry-box

R.A.F.  Locking / Main Gate and Sentry Box

Fellow students in 1959 at R.A.F. Locking

These airmen were on the same course as the author - - - GRF Nav B / D14

From May 1959 to Aug 1960 I was a Radar Fitter
at R.A.F.  Middleton -St-George, Co. Durham.

Radio Servicing Flight, M-St-G

TXs M-St-G

Bowsers M-St-G

Middleton Tower. End of a busy day, summer 1960

Some of my accomplices, summer 1960

Nice fire truck

These young airmen were my technician colleagues at R.A.F. Middleton-St-George

Just for reference :
The track of the historic Stockton-and-Darlington-Railway is close to the airfield's northern boundary.

And the following WWII M-St-G record is well worth a 'browse' :


I returned to civilan life 12 Aug 1960


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