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Margaret Watt
31 Dec 1812 - 6 Dec 1874

Her parents were Andrew Watt and Mary Cook, of Montrose Scotland.

1812 December 31 Baptised 10 Jan 1813, OPR 282/00 0090 0579 (fax)
1836 March 12 Margaret Watt married James Nicoll b.1816 in
Edzell parish, Brechin.

Reference only :
About 100 years later Robert Alexander Watson Watt a native of Edzell was a prime developer of Radar, a system for the detection and location of aircraft using radio waves.  I claim no relationship to this great man, but it is significant that his surname was also Watt within that very small community.
(As late as 2004 the population of Edzell was only 780).

Children :
1836 William
1841 David
1842 Charles....basket-maker
1846 Hannah Marshall Nicoll Nov 1846 - Dec 1847 (1yr & 1 month). Named after her grandmother.
1849 Margaret Nicoll 1849
(webmaster's  g.grandmother)
1851 John

1854 James....basket-maker

Late in life Margaret was living here in Overgate, Dundee
Overgate shops, Dundee

Image, from a glass plate, is one of many created by Dundee jute mill supervisor Alexander Wilson.
This webmaster's use of the image is by express permission of Dundee City Council. (12 Nov 2008)
Source of image here :

1874 Dec 6
Margaret died at no.13 Overgate.
And for reference :
No. 14 in the 1881 census was the home of her son Charles who was a master basket maker.
Who, in the photo is the man carrying a basket on his head ?
No. 15 (white awning) in the photograph was the Golden Locket, a jewellers shop.

Note : The shop-front with the striped awning is no.11, therefore access to 13 & 14 would have been through the passage between the awnings. On the second floor there is a face in one of the windows, anyone we might know ?

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