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Craven Brothers (Manchester) Limited

The home of my apprenticeship in Mechanical Engineering

An overview of the company's design and build

Gear Hobbing Machine (A.V.G.R.A.)  
o/no. 17344

42 foot Boring and Turning Mill
designed by Jimmy Rivers

30/50in. Break Lathe (1958)

15ft x 10ft 6in x45ft Planing Machine   Order no. 17391

21" Crs Tube Boring Machine   up to 20" dia. x 6ft to 25ft Long
Trepanning up to 12" dia.

Helical-gear tooth grinding machine

26 ft. 6 in. Vertical Boring and Turning Mill
The Morris Mini 'ornament' would have been a novelty in the 1960s.

Boring machine and Mini-Minor

"Craven Bros" draughtsmen at Reddish Baths during a mid-day meal break, c.1956


Name Please / Name Please / Chris Fletcher / George Hobbs / Barry Frayne / Barry Joule / John Hudson
Jack Marsland / Gordon Ledingham / Cliff Bown / John Grundy / Dhar Roy  / Name Please
Name Please (office-boy)

Some of the bright young draughtsmen of "Cravens" design office.

Photograph c.1956 by Geoff Royle
Baldina camera, Kodakchrome film

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