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John  Barber-Field appears as a plaintiff at the Old Bailey in 1815
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 Reference Number: t18151206-99


98.  MATTHIAS PORTMAN was indicted for stealing, on the 31st of October , two baskets, value 4s. one cloth, value 1s. and three hundred and sixty halfpence, value 15s. the property of  John Barber Field.

“The prisoner came one day and said he wanted something to eat; whilst he was eating his victuals which I gave him, he said it was the first he had eaten for the last two days. I kept him of a morning to bring things from market for me. One day, the day in the indictment, I had occasion to go to London Wall; I told my little boy to come after me, with the prisoner, and to bring with him the things mentioned in the indictment.”

GEORGE FIELD  [webmaster's note : George was only eight years old.]

“My father had told him to take fifteen shillings worth of halfpence and the other things to him in Leadenhall-street. The prisoner was going with me, and took them out of my hand, and walked away with them, just by America-square . We never saw him after.”

GUILTY , aged 27.

Confined a month , and fined 1s.

Second Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Recorder.

Reference Number: t18151206-108

107.  JEREMIAH CREW was indicted for stealing, on the 1st of November , a pig's cheek, value. 1s. 2d. the property of  John Barber Field .


"I am a hog-butcher . I lost my cheek on the 1st of November; it was in salt, in a tub, at the shop door. The prisoner took it; I saw him take it; I immediately took him into custody, and took him to the magistrate at Lambeth street office. He bore a very good character, and I now know he did it through distress, and had I known that before, I would not have prosecuted him."

GUILTY , aged 56.

Fined 1s. and discharged.

Second Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Recorder.

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