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Event/Cygnus A encounter : 7th July 1998
22nd anniversary page

Yet another opportunity to explain my eccentricity.
Two ways of viewing the night sky prompted by a red-letter day in an old diary.
View #01 by naked eye; View #02 by proving the discreet radio source.

The Day was the day I made my best recording of the 
deep space radio-source known as Cygnus-A or 3C 405

View #01

Sky looking South at 0100z AM (about 7th July any year)
>>>> apparent motion of the starry sky >>>>

This image was created with the relatively new "Celestron Sky Portal"
(Apple App Store and free of charge)
Cygnus-A being a radio source cannot be seen by naked-eye and is only
detectable with a special receiver.
Also, Cygnus-A is far and away beyond the star annotated above as Eta Cyg.

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View #02

My chart-recording proving the presence of Cygnus-A

Graph of received energy as Cygnus-A peeped sequentially between
 virtual railngs cast onto the sky by my aerial-system.

Radio frequency was 173.2 MHz    Wavelength was 173.2 centimetres
( The product of these two constants is equal to the Speed of Light. )

My interferometer and chart-recorder were set to run continuously 
from July-07-2200z until July-08-0400z (6 hours total)

Miraculously, on the day, the 'channel' was quite free of the usual
such as sometimes heard from the body-mikes of
artistes in theatres; pubs and clubs / car ignition systems;
and other unidentified appliances.

As a radio-amateur I am aware that regulation of the radio spectrum
 is the responsibilty of Ofcom.org.uk and given that Jodrell Bank is only
10 miles from here perhaps the air-waves are kept squeaky-clean !

My inspiration and prep for this experiment occurred in lumps from 1974 to 1998.
I believe that my diligence was well rewarded.

Click here for an equipment over-view.

Many thanks for your interest.
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