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My favourite ancestor Daniel Adamson of Shildon 1778 - 1832, and my line of descent

Daniel Adamson of Shildon, 3rd great-grandfather  ==  Nanny Gibson, 1781 - 1860  had 15 children
Inn-keeper, Grey Horse, Shildon

He also operated a horsedrawn passenger coach amid the steam engines of the Stockton and Darlington Railway.
In 1832 he died (Cholera?) and :
"- - - - was buried, complete with a tombstone, in St Andrews Auckland churchyard."  The church was established in 1274. (ref. only, so was Merton College, Oxford.)
"- - - - It is beside the path to the South door, on the left hand side looking towards the church."
Quotations above are from memoirs of Sally Carter Adamson, architect, Daniel's 5 x g.granddaughter who died at Holmes Chapel in 2011.
Elizabeth Adamson II  b.1818. 
Author's g.g.grandmother == James Dent b.1815, carpenter. 
In August 1885 her brother Daniel gained Royal Assent for the Manchester Ship Canal.
Ann Adamson  b.22 Jul.1838. 
Author's g.g.grandmother == Robert Brown  b.1836, engine erecter, Shildon & Manchester
Helena Brown   b.6 Feb 1876. Author's grandmother == Harry Royle  b.17 Oct 1871, publican
Sydney Royle   b.27 Aug 1905, publican and electrical engineer. Author's Dad == Dora Phillips  b.15 Aug 1911
Geoffrey Royle  b.28 Jul 1935, mechanical engineer Webmaster/Author == Dorothy Brown  b.2 Jun 1938

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