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Rebecca Elizabeth Harrison
1840 - 20 Feb 1919

1840 Rebecca was born in Kirkby-cum-Osgodby, Lincolnshire.  Her father William was a carpenter.
1861 She would have 'come of age'.
1871 census her husband was James Thomas Gibson, landlord of the Cheshire Cheese public house, Doncaster [ extant DN1 2SD ].
They had no children, and James, inn-keeper; ex butcher; died aged 29 in 1873.
1875  Feb 1st she married John Henry Barrett at The Parish Church, Doncaster.
1881 census. Rebecca was still in her old homestead the Cheshire Cheese; and John was the landlord.  I wonder whether her father-in-law to be, Frederick Barrett had taken over the licence of the pub following  the death of James Gibson, leading to the relationship between his son, widower John Henry and Rebecca ?

In later censuses she appears to have styled herself as 'Elizabeth' in lieu of Rebecca.  Was this because husband John could not shake off the habit of speaking the name of his first wife ?   Rebecca might have borne that quite well as her mother's name was Elizabeth.

Their children were born in Doncaster :-

1919 Feb 20 Rebecca Elizabeth Barrett died at 90 Cottenham Sreet, Chorlton-upon Medlock (Ardwick), Manchester.  Her husband John died shortly after on the 4th of March (only 12 days later). See John's page for death certificate observations.

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