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Frederick Barrett
2 Jan 1810 Oxford - Dec 1891 Doncaster
Printer/Compositor; and inn-keeper

1810 May 13  Fred was baptised in the church of St. John the Baptist, Oxford in May 1810, now known as Merton College Chapel [image].  His parents were John and Mary Barrett.  
John Barrett, stable-keeper is recorded in the Register of Baptisms as one of the parishioners who participated in the "Beating of the Bounds" on Ascension Day, on 2nd May 1799. ( "Baptisms and Marriages at Merton College" by Alan Bott )
Fred's half-sister Susanna b.1801 (link), married William Wilkinson who became Registrar at Darlington. I have suspected for some time that Susanna  and William Wilkinson met in Oxford when he was an undergraduate. My earlier allusion to 'half-sister' derives from my conversation with a librarian at Oxford who had found evidence to suggest that John Barrett had been married before to a Susanna, so it follows that this half sister was named after her mother.

  • One-by-one Fred's siblings were baptised at Merton College chapel, namely half siblings Susanna 1799, Jane 1800, John Forster-Barrett 1801; and full siblings Mary 1805 and Henry 1808.

1828 May 28  The Oxford Journal reported : Frederick Barrett (17?), John Murphy, Thomas Harris and Edward Baines were brought before the Mayor under the Wilful Trespass Act charged with damaging a palin (fence) near Jericho, Oxford and fined."  ( Oh, dear ! )

1837 Feb 4  Frederick 27 married Sophia Barber (widow, nee Field), at St. John's churchWakefield.

1841 Frederick was living in Chesterfield with wife Sophia, son John Henry, step-sons William Ainley Barber and Thomas Barber.  Also present was the Barber boys' grandmother Molly Barber (widow, nee Field), her late husband an Officer of Excise at Wakefield.

Click for more family life in Sophia's own page

Frederick Barrett studio pose apparently on horseback

This image of Frederick Barrett c.1890 is included here as a digital copy of the original photograph
by kind permission of the owner (Richard Winterschladen), who remarked,
" The reverse has the following legend in my Grandfather’s hand ‘Grandpa F.Barrett. Over 80 years old’  "

Webmaster (GR) :
At that time I believe that Frederick's son John Henry was landlord of the St.Leger public house in Doncaster,
 so, m
ight the photograph have been taken nearby at the Doncaster racecourse in a travelling photographer's marquee ?
And on a humorous note could that 'horse' have been a very expensive work of art by a taxidermist,
that is, just as much a photographer's prop as the top-hat !

We should not be surprised to see 'Fred' on horseback, even at this great age,
as it appears that he had lived with horses since a boy.
As mentioned above, his father was a stablekeeper (near Oxford University).

No connection, but there are a couple of coincidences worth mentioning here :
1.  1889 The winner of the St.Leger was "Donovan".  His rider was a jockey named Frederick Barrett.
1891 The winner of the St.Leger was "Common".  His rider was a jockey named George Barrett.

More archive images from 'Richard' received with thanks
Two letters sent
1885 and 1890 by Frederick to his daughter Mary Jane Winterschladen

This 1885 letter was sent from the Cheshire Cheese Inn, Doncaster (before the move to the St.Leger pub)

1885 Letter [side A]

1885 Letter by Frederick aged 75

This 1890 letter was sent from 36 Silver Street, Doncaster (St Leger Inn)

1890 Letter. Fred recovering from gout !

1891   Frederick died in the December.


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