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Daniel Adamson of Shildon
1778 - 1832
Farmer, Inn-keeper, travel-agent,
and one of my ancestors

Perseverance coach and Locomotion head-to-head
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Daniel Adamsons Coach House c1827...Daniel Adamsons Coach House in 2007

Daniel Adamson's Coach House and Ticket Office.
Claimed to be the first public railway station in the World.

Daniel, and William his third son, operated a modified stagecoach on the rails of the Stockton and Darlington Railway. The original point of departure was near the Masons' Arms at New Shildon, but when the Surtees line was opened through Old Shildon they built their now famous Coach House and Ticket Office near the Grey Horse Inn at the top of Byerley Road.

1778 Apr 24   Daniel was baptised at St.Andrew's Auckland. His parents were Matthew Adamson, yeoman farmer, and Susanna Turner of Shildon.

1800 Dec 4   He married Nanny Gibson daughter of Joseph and Nancy Gibson, of Bowbank, Romaldkirk, Co. Durham.
Children : George 1801; Joseph 1803; Ann 1804; William 1805; Daniel ( I ) 1808; Jane 1809; John 1810; Daniel ( II ) 1811; Susannah 1812; Margaret 1814; Elizabeth (1) 1816; Elizabeth (2) 1818; Daniel ( III ) 1820; Mary 1822; Hannah 1825; a sixtennth child was either stillborn or not baptised according to Frank Hutchinson.
Daniel (III )  Engineer, and First Chairman of the Manchester Ship Canal

For reference :
1825 Sep 27  The formal opening day of the Stockton and Darlington Railway. By proclamation the first train was to be 'marshalled' near the Masons' Arms at New Shildon as follows :  No.1) The Company's Locomotive Engine, > 2) The Engine's Tender with water and coals, > 3) Six Wagons laden with Coals, Merchandise, etc, > 4) The Committee and other Proprietors in the coach belonging to the Company, > 5) Six Wagons, with seats reserved for Strangers. >6 Fourteen Wagons, for the conveyance of Workmen and others.  The Whole of the above to proceed to Stockton. (This partial notice was extracted from, "History of the Stockton and Darlington Railway", by J.S.Jeans, 1875)
c.1826 - 1827  Building of  "The Coach House and Ticket Office".

1832 Nov 2 The following list was published in a statement about the use of horsedrawn traffic on the railway : "Messrs Adamson's coach, travelling between Darlington and Shildon - - - length of stage 8 miles; number of journeys per week, 12; total number of passengers per week, 74; average number of passengers per journey, 6 "  It should be said that there were about about 5 (five) other companies running similar services on other branches.

Originally the track was 'single' with sidings at intervals of a quarter of a mile for the passing of oncoming traffic.  The scene at the top of this page would have been at one of those sidings. When traffic did meet head-on, arguments would break out between the drivers as to which of them should back up. This problem was resolved by installing posts mid-way between the sidings, and 'right of way' was accorded to the driver 'first past the post'.

1832 Feb 28, Daniel died (probably from the cholera of that year) aged 53.

1832 Mar 2, He was buried at St.Andrew's, (Bishop) Auckland


Recommended reading :

a) Daniel Adamson of Shildon 1778 - 1832, by Frank Hutchinson

History of the Stockton and Darlington Railway, by J.S.Jeans, 1875

c) The Tale of the Adamsons, & some other north country families, by Sally Adamson (architect and a descendent of D.A.)

d) Timothy Hackworth and the Locomotive, by Robert Young

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