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James Dent
1815 - 16 May 1890

" - - - notice how few men who work with wood seem unhappy - - - "
 " When we write a book about a Carpenter, we call it the New Testament."
Delight (number 53), J.B.Priestley


1815 Born in Summerhouse, Co. Durham

Raby Hunt public house  Summerhouse, The Green

Summerhouse village in June 2007

1839 May 23, At St John's, Shildon, he was married to Elizabeth Adamson, mother of their 10 month old daughter Ann.

1855 Slater's Directory for Bishop Auckland. The Joiners and Cartwrights list shows a James Dent of  Old Shildon

1861 census, in Old Shildon, aged 46

1871 census, at 29 Birch Street, Gorton, S.Manchester.

1881 census, at 34 Brunswick Street, Gorton.

1890 May 16 died at 2 Prospect Street, Gorton.  
His grave is in Philips Park Cemetery, East Manchester (no. L.432)

James & Elizabeth Dent buried close here. Grave unmarked.

No headstone for grave L.432 has been found.  Local people have said that many gravestones have
been stolen (recycled as building material ?).

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