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Extracted from poet John Close's : "Tales and Legends of Westmoreland, no.1 (1862)"
Here is his study of yet another of his acquaintances at Kirkby Stephen Railway Station,
offered here as perhaps the closest we will get to really knowing the men
who like Willam Brown held the title of :

" Inspector of Locomotive Engines "

" Another important personage at our Railway Station is Robert Richardson, Esq., Inspector of Locomotives, or Enginemaster, who --- when he takes a fancy to drive an Engine, to let the men see " how to do it " --- is like some tall Captain standing on the poop of his Ship, while he waves his hand as she sails proudly out of the harbour : so Mr Richardson, when on a Engine, standing so erect and tall, with such square broad shoulders as he turns the handle, and the train moves, the Engine cries ---"belch ! belch !" and belches clouds of steam: a fine sight to see indeed.

"It has surprised us where the Directors met with so many talented men, so well adapted for their respective offices, and how all seem as if 'made on purpose' for the places they so worthily fill.

"He is a man of vast power of mind : knows every crank and wheel in a Steam Engine, has filled every grade, from lowest to highest in his vocation, with honour to himself and the satisfaction of the Company : indeed, all the Company's Men, from the platelayers up to the Station Master, are all remarkably well read, intellectual men who all and each can talk like a Society of Deep-thinkers and profound Philosophers; and the great wonder is, ---- where such men were found, and what mastermind could so admirably arrange each in their places : ---- only a BOUCH, a STEPHENSON, or a MACNAY could have accomplished so gigantic a work."

Webmaster's note
The above was first published in 1862.  A year earlier in the census of 1861,
 William Brown was enumerated as "Inspector of Locomotive engines".


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