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A 70th birthday party at Soho, Shildon c.1873

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The following very old photograph has been within this website since 2012 and the
precise location as illustrated has recently (2016) become a hot topic. So following a
good guess, I settled for Timothy Hackworth's engineering base at Soho, Shildon, 
which is a cluster of buildings including cottages, and a non-extant industrial workshop.

Old maps, GPS, and geometry have been applied to help analyse the scene and prove
the location.  For example, the position of the camera has been determined by
comparing the apparent-angle of the gable-end 
in the photograph with the
real-angle of the same feature
in the technical drawing below.

Robert - gripping the hand-rail of engine no.61
Birds-eye view, Soho, Shildon c.1873
This drawing shows S&DR/NER principal engineers' cottages on the left,
and Timothy Hackworth's historic locomotive assembly-shop on the right.
(The assembly shop, aka 'Erecting Shop', was demolished in 1946.)
In the 1870s the two semi-detached cottages were occupied by
the families of Mr.William Bouch, and Mr.William Macnay.