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This is the concluding composition of my time-line "John Field 1522 - 1587"

My original aim was to prove a thread from my ancestor John Barber-Field,
baptised at St.Mary's, West Ardsley on Easter Day 1778 to his ancestor a Tudor 
court astrologer "John Field" entombed in the same church 191 years earlier.

I almost achieved my aim although in an unexpected way.
The common factor happens to be one of location, in fact the
Westminster district of London, home of the great Abbey
and St. Margaret's church.

The latter day John Barber-Field 1778 - 1851 is my 3rd great-grandfather.
a saddler of Woodkirk, near Wakefield and now focussing on him, 
here is his 19th century odyssey in a nutshell.

c.1800 JBF the young 'saddler' left his Yorkshire home, presumably on horseback.

He met and married Sophia Crockford of Borden near Canterbury.
They were in the area for some time as some of his children were baptised there.

They moved to London where John went into business as a 'hog' butcher and 
'saddler' close to the Borough High Street, Southwark, LONDON.

He had two of his sons christened at the famous St. Margaret's church Westminster.

And when he died in 1851 the registration was at the same St. Margaret's church.
(Alas, so were the remains of the decapitated Sir Walter Raleigh.)

So why did our north countryman end up in the parish of Westminster?
I can only assume that through primitive archives his Woodkirk family had a fairly
comprehensive knowlege of their roots. I think they were literate folk who had 
recorded their 'folklore' in an exceptional way.

 So, thus informed it seems that John Barber-Field wended his way  
to London out of curiosity to see Westminster for himself.

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