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Mrs Margaret Flounders was the daughter of Thomas Tweddle, and she and her husband James Flounders of Sexhow inherited his property – several houses and garths and gardens in the area of The Elms – in July 1815

Jonathan Flounders was a tenant of the property before 1815


27 & 28 Jun 1831:  Lease:  parties:  Thomas Eland of Grange Road Bermondsey leather dresser and wife Mary, Richard Eland of Newport Pagnell Bucks gent and Langley & Reece:  to convey from Thomas to Richard and to secure an annuity to Thomas and his wife:  garth 1a 2r 28p, bounded by John De Putron & - Richardson to W, Flounders & De Putron to E, river to N and street to S: and 3 houses (formerly one house) barn, cowhouse & carpenter’s shop:  occ by John Eland, John Sherwood & Thomas Wiles


Tithe Map:  James Flounders owned and occupied the house & garden next to the Bay Horse

Tithe Map from Elizabeth Sleigh:  George Flounders occ 187, 190


James Flounders bap 26 Nov 1775, son of George Flounders, Sexhow.

James Flounders marr Margaret Tweddle 26 Mar 1805 at HR [IGI Beryl]

James Flounders was churchwarden in 1818, with James Catchasides

James Flounders buried 16 Jul 1841, age 65 of Sexhow


1823 Baines:  Sexhow:  Jonas [sic] Flounders, farmer

1840 Whites:  Hutton Rudby:  James Flounders, gent


1841 Census:  James Flounders 65 with two servants Elizabeth and Ann Orton and two children, Margaret 9 and George 7 Brown, lodgers (Robert Brown g.grandfather of the webmaster was brother of Margaret & George. On the day of the census Robert was at home with his parents in East Thickley/New Shildon).

1841 Census:  George Flounders 50 linen weaver, Mary 55, Jane 25 weaver, James 2, South Side

1841 Census:  Elizabeth Flounders 70 ag lab, Mary Flounders 40 servant, South Side

1841 Census:  Jonathan Flounders 70 ag lab, Jane 80, Thomas 50, Elizabeth 30 and William 15, all linen weavers, and Charles 11, South Side

1841 Census:  Elizabeth Flounders 20 servant at Rudby Farm


Eliza Flounders is in a List of Girls – Middleton Book


1851 Census:  South Side:  Frances Flounders married 66 brickmaker’s wife, b Normanby

1851 Census:  South Side:  Thomas Flounders single 60 handloom weaver linen, sister Elizabeth single 42 and nephew Charles Flounders single 21 shoemaker, all b Hutton



William Orton sold property at the east end of North Side to Thomas Tweddle.  William Orton was a tenant of the property before 1815; Elizabeth Orton was a tenant in 1815


20 Nov 1822:  Thomas Bainbridge married Ann Orton [witnesses:  Sarah Johnson, Eliz Hutton, Eliz Seymour, Stephen Catchasides, Robert Hall, J Simpson]


1841 Census:  James Flounders 65 with two servants Elizabeth and Ann Orton and two children, Margaret 9 and George 7 Brown, lodgers




The Tweddle family were yeomen of Middleton.  Thomas Tweddle bought several houses, garths and gardens at the east end of North Side from William Orton, which was inherited by his daughter Margaret Flounders and husband James in July 1815

In 1815 Robert Tweddle was a tenant of the property


Robert Tweddle was the occupant of the property owned by Thomas Passman in 1830, which was inherited by his daughter Mary Kingston who owned it at the time of the Tithe Map.  John Hammond is listed as occupant in the Tithe Map, and the 1840 Directory gives the landlord as John Rowntree.  Mary Kingston’s daughter Elizabeth Raney was the landlord there for many years.


14 May 1810:  house & garth and garth:  Tipping & Wardell exors of Thos Wayne to Thomas Eland:  house & garth 1a 2r 28p occupied by Eland, bounded by street to S, river Leven to N, Francis Tweddle & Francis Stainthorpe to E, and Christopher Sleigh to W;  garth 1r 28p on north side of Hutton, formerly occ by Hannah Kay widow, now by Thomas Eland, bounded by B D Suggitt to S, Thomas Jackson to E, street to W and Isaac Whorlton to N


DW 374:  18 & 19 Jul 1815:  Thos Tweddle of Middleton, heir at law of Thos Tweddle decd (1) James and Margaret Flounders (2):  the property in the Bay Horse area bought by the late Tweddle from Wm Orton

DY 88:  26 Mar 1816:  Philip Gowland of Sexhow (1) John Tweddell the elder of Stokesley grocer & Francis Rose of Busby yeoman (2) John Calvert of Carlton yeoman (3)


1823 Baines:  Hutton:  Robert Tweddle was the publican of the Wheatsheaf

1823 Baines:  Hutton:  Robert Tweddle, butcher

1823 Baines:  Middleton:  Thomas Tweddle, farmer


“Apprenticeship Indre:  Stephen Hall aged 12 years apprenticed to John Cook of Hutton near Rudby, weaver, to age 21 – April 1823:  made between William Sayer (churchwarden) and Thomas Tweddle and William Sayer (overseers of poor of township of Middleton) and Stephen Hall ‘a poor child belonging to said township of Middleton’” [NYCRO Mic 1204]


FO 157:  12 Jul 1828:  Baillieur’s remtge:  Robert Tweddale the occupant of his house in Hutton and Richard Imenson the occupant of his house & farmlands in Hutton


26 & 27 Mar 1830:  Robert Tweddle occupied a house & garth between Whorlton and Passman, sold by Baillieur to Lowther [East Side deeds]

13 Feb 1845:  Robert Tweddle was an early occupant of a house sold by Thomas Kingston to Isaac Benson [East Side deeds]


FQ 435:  26 & 27 Mar 1830:  house on East Side:  Baillieur to Lowther:  formerly occ by Thomas Sanderson, then by Thomas Shaw and now by Robert Tweddle:  bounded by Joseph Whorlton to N, by Thomas Passman to S, by street to W


Tithe Map:  Middleton:  John Tweddle farms Foxton Lodge (landlord:  George Wyndham)


1840 Whites:  Middleton:  John Tweddale, farmer


1841 Census:  Farm House, Middleton:  John Tweddle 55 farmer and family, with Ann Mason 65 independent, Elizabeth Mason 5, and servants John Hunt 15 and Hannah Mennell 15


1851 Census:  Middleton:  John Tweddle 65 farmer 144a bDinsdale, with Ann 44 bSmeaton and children Jane, Mary,Elizabeth & John aged 16-22 bRounton, and mother-in-law Ann Mason W 75 bHarlsey


1851 –71 (inc) Census:  Farm House, Middleton:  Tweddle


1872 Post Office Directory:  Middleton:  John Tweddle, farmer


Easter dues settled with Tweddle “the day her daughter was married” in Barlow’s Notebook