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John Henry Barrett
1840 - 4 March 1919
An ancestor (g.grandfather) of the webmaster

The only son of Frederick Barrett and Sophia Field, he was born in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

Photograph of John H Barrett c.1910

The records show that for most of his life he was a printer and compositor.
He worked as a sports writer with the Doncaster Gazette, and at the age of 65 as a 'reporter' in Manchester.

1841 Census shows John age 1 at home with mother and father; and half-brothers William Barber 8, & Thomas Barber 6; and Molly Barber, grandmother of the Barber boys.  Molly's late husband had been an Excise Officer at Wakefield.
1861 Oct 5 John Henry 21 married Elizabeth Lowther 18 at Christ Church in the parish of Doncaster. The Certificate shows that John's father, Frederick was a printer and compositor; and  Elizabeth's father George was a Fishmonger (and Game) dealer.  Witnesses were  Isaac Clark and Anne E Lamb.

1864 son, Frederick Lowther Barrett was born.
1866 son, William Wilkinson Barrett was born.
1868 daughter, Elizabeth Sophia Barrett was born.
1869 son, George John Barrett was born.
1870 The children's mother Elizabeth died age 28 - - they would have been 6, 4, 2, 6mo resp. (a very sad event for the family)

1875  He married Rebecca Gibson, nee Harrison, widow, landlady of the Cheshire Cheese public house.
1877  June 6  daughter Rosa Susannah Barrett was born. grandmother
1881  Cheshire Cheese public house, Doncaster, licensee (& printer and compositor) with wife Rebecca; sons, Frederick Lowther Barrett 17, William Wilkinson Barrett 15, George John 10, and John Henry 6 months; daughters Elizabeth Sophia 13, Rosa Susannah 3, and Mary Hester 1; and father Frederick Barrett 70 (retired printer). 
1891  Living at 36a Silver Street, Doncaster, printer and compositor, age 49.  Premises adjacent to the St.Leger public house. Family at home as 1881, i.e. wife Elizabeth (aka Rebecca) 50, Rosa 14, Mary 11, John H. 9; and father Frederick 81.
1901  Living at 14 Robert Street, Ardwick, Manchester, age 59, wife Elizabeth (aka Rebecca) 58; daughter Rosa 23 - - et al.
1919 Mar 4 John died at 90 Cottenham Street, Chorlton-upon-Medlock (Ardwick), Manchester just two weeks after his wife Rebecca died of influenza.  John's death certificate indicates heart failure brought on by pneumonia.
(I suspect that influenza was also a factor because of the pandemic Spanish Flu of that winter. Ed.)

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