Family photos of Shildon folk
( Ladies' maiden-names are shown, as in the Tree )

Family Photograph

Mary Brown 1893  Susannah Benn 1868  Martha Brown 1896

Group on Redcar beach

Susannah Benn 1868,  Martha Brown 1896,  Mary Brown 1893,  Theodore Tarn 1893,
Edith 1923 and George Richardson 1920

Shildon family group

Martha Brown 1896   Edward Richardson 1896
Edward Richardson 1868   Esther Alderson 1873

1867 Engine (no.61 for Denmark) and Shildon engineers

Engine no.61 (for Denmark) outside the Soho Works paintshop, New Shildon in 1873.

For further information about this scene go to William Brown's page.

William Brown was an Engine Inspector.  In 1836 he was on the team led by John, the 16 year old son of
Timothy Hackworth which delivered an engine to 
Tsarskoye-Selo where the Summer Palace
of the Tsar of Russia was situated. On Thursday September 15th they and their precious cargo
set sail from the port of Middlesbrough aboard a ship named Barbara.


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